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  1. Where can I find information about health resources in the Mobile area?
  2. How do I find a specialist?
  3. Where can I get trusted health information on the web?
  4. Is the library open to the public?

1) Where can I find information about health resources in the Mobile area?

Health InfoNet of Alabama is a free service of Alabama medical and public libraries helping residents locate reliable health information. The Health Infonet web site contains a database of services for health-care related issues. You can find health services on the site by topic, location or both.

2) How do I find a specialist?

The USA Health System's Find a Doctor page includes several ways to search for doctors, including by specialty and by condition.

You can also find a specialist through the University of South Alabama Division of Health Sciences at

Here you can search Patient Care to find a University of South Alabama Physician, hospital, College of Medicine clinical department, or access the USA Speech & Hearing Clinic.
Finally, the Genetic Alliance is an international coalition of advocacy groups that has collected hundred of case studies and hosts a website with access to searchable information about diseases and to research and resources from advocates, healthcare professionals, government agencies, think tanks and organizations committed to work in collaboration to maintain an accountable, reliable, current, and proactive Genetic Alliance Resource Repository. You can visit them at

3) Where can I get trusted health information on the web?

The Medical Library Association has recommended the following websites at its “Top 10” Most Useful Consumer Health Websites:

4) Is the library open to the public?

The Biomedical Libraries primarily support the missions of the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health Professions, the USA Medical Center (USAMC), and USA Children's and Women's Hospital by providing faculty, staff and students with access to information in the areas of research, teaching and patient care. The Library also serves as a health science resource library for the surrounding Gulf Coast area.

Like many medical school libraries, especially those affiliated with state universities, the USA facility is also open to the public. And some Mobilians are taking advantage of the opportunity to check out their own ailments and those of friends and relatives.

Ordinary citizens may come to the library and sit down at any computer, initiate a search on any of more than 100,000 headings in the database and receive an extensive bibliography of professional articles on the subject.

To help both medical personnel and ordinary citizens learn how to tap into the overwhelming wealth of information available, librarians at USA Biomedical Library regularly hold classes to teach the use of both traditional library tools and indexes and the more sophisticated electronic equipment.
(This info was taken from "State-of-the-art USA Biomedical Library is Open to Public," Mobile Register, October 29, 1999)

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